Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving Day!

Moving Day was on the 31st of May. The day where packers came and boxed up the last 3 years of our lives in The Netherlands into multi-sized carton boxes, packed into a 20-foot container and shipped off across the ocean to Singapore.

The packers brought a whole load of cartons and tape and tape and arrived before 8am. Talk about an early start. I could barely keep my eyes open...

And then they just went right into it! Folding boxes, wrapping our stuff, packing them in and sealing it shut. And all the labelling... Living, Kitchen, Bedroom, Fragile, Electronics, etc etc.. Watching all our stuff being methodically wrapped, packed and labelled was strangely surreal and nostalgic. The fact was dawning loud and clear.. WE ARE REALLY MOVING!! *panics*

A 20-footer Backing Up Into Our Little Lane

Then a 20-foot container was driven into the lane where we lived and our many boxes were hoarded into it. It was a truly reminiscent experience of us moving to The Netherlands 3 years ago, when again, we watched the movers in Malaysia packing our items into a container that was to be shipped to Europe. After everything was done and the container was locked, while we waited to sign off on the shipping documents. I felt a sudden rush of relief... I suppose it was due to the fact that I was in hyperdrive for the last two weeks and was doing frenzied dusting and cleaning of our accumulated possessions in the past 3 years.

And now, we are freshly checked into a long-stay apartment in a hotel and going through the motions of everyday life, before we really have to say goodbye to our life and friends here in less than 3 weeks...

Talk about being on an emotional roller coaster... 

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Re-emergence of David Bowie

He's just recently launched a new album "The New Day" after a 10-year hiatus and boy, did he come back with a bang! "The New Day" was numero uno on The UK Album Chart for a week..


David Bowie - The Next Day
I've loved David Bowie since I was a kid watching Labyrinth for the first time. There's just a little something special about him that captivates and I cannot put in words what it is exactly. Yes, I agree with many that the sights and sounds of David Bowie are questionable but then again, maybe he's just an acquired taste and I have acquired that taste. 

David Bowie portraying Jareth in Labyrinth

And when he made a guest appearance on Zoolander... you know Bowie knows fashion... Haha... I know Zoolander is a parody of the fashion world but it's undeniable that he is the epitome of forward fashion and he's sporting about it and that's what counts.

David Bowie in Zoolander

And then on another end of the spectrum, there's just something so effortlessly chic and classy about him. He just ages so gracefully...

Effortlessly Chic
And the Victoria & Albert Museum in London just unveiled the "David Bowie Exhibit"! At this moment, I would willingly abandon my intense dislike for crowds and close proximity with strangers and join the thousands of fans thronging to the exhibit. I wouldn't do it for the Olympics, but I'd do it for the Bowie :)

"We Can Be Heroes... Just For One Day"

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Making A Move

Some time last year, Jim and I received work of a possible future assignment posting for him in Singapore in 2013. Whilst in the back of my mind, I've been very much aware of it... the reality of it never really sank in. Until now. 

It seemed like just not that long ago that he and I made the decision to move here to the Netherlands for a change of environment. Yes, KL-PJ was sucking the soul out of us (or maybe just me, I don't know). And although the move here was fraught with a mix of both excitement and fear, our journey through it all, albeit harrowing, allowed us to emerge stronger and more appreciative of life, love and each other. 

Looking back the three years (almost!) that we've been here, it has made me see that the world is so big, and it is filled with endless opportunities and boundless possibilities. If we could just disentangle ourselves from the negative experiences, we'd be able to see and appreciate so much more. Of course there would be bad experiences, otherwise it isn't life, right? :) 

On a Tulip trail

Life here isn't free from complaints. Far from it! Haha... Maybe I'm a serial-complainer, I don't know. But what I do know is that the good outweighs the bad. We've never really made the decision if we would grow our roots in the Netherlands, as we were still getting used to life here, not to mention the language. And I tell you, that is the biggest barrier for me. The Dutch Language seriously, seriously kills me. To even want to say something in Dutch, I got to crack my brains and ultimately come up with something so wrong that it makes everyone laugh out loud.

Us in Volendam with our Klompens

But before we found out about the assignment to Singapore, we were thinking of making things more permanent. We were thinking about a move to Central Holland (near the city of Utrecht) and to make plans settling there. Just a side note, Leeuwarden's not that bad.. But it can get pretty boring and it's so far away from everything else. What ties me to Leeuwarden the most are the friends that I've made while I was here.

With the Windmill in Kinderdijk

It's just that now, when we are finally settled in The Netherlands (barely!), we are packing again. Even though we've only been here for a short time, and it's also only a 3 year assignment to Singapore, it's ironic how burdened I feel about leaving what I know here. And I can't believe that I find myself looking forward to coming back here again after our 'adventure' in Singapore is over.

I know, I have some ridiculously random photos on this post. But it's just a reminder to myself the good times I've had here :)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spoilt for Choice

So many bags, so little cash...

Which should I choose??

I love the new Saffiano Line by Coach. The modern cut, the clean lines, and The Colours! OMG... It's the Colours that are doing me in. I know that something black or something brown would probably stand the test of time... But I have so many blacks and browns already, I need something that pops. And it's full leather! Ahhh... the smell of divinity. LEATHER... if I didn't already have a husband, I'd marry you. 

And to top it all off, if I get one in either colour, I have an excuse to get shoes to match!! *hyperventilates*


Update (23rd March 2013) - Wait a minute... Coach removed the Cobalt coloured option for both the tote and the satchel from the website!! Uh oh... Where do I go to find it??

Friday, March 15, 2013

What's In A Face

Calvin Klein achieved what Gucci couldn't in a single page ad.

I'm biased, I know... Hahaha...

CK Ad from Glamour Magazine UK March 2013

Double Page Ad from Glamour Magazine UK March 2013

Tuesday, March 05, 2013



You find your faith has been lost and shaken
You take back what's been taken
Get on your knees and get down deep
You can do what you think is impossible

Keep on believing and don't give in
It will come and make you whole again
It always will and always does
Love is Unstoppable


Rascal Flatts - Unstoppable (CSI Exclusive)

I'm not a big fan of country music, but I'm totally blown away by this when I was the reruns of the 10th Season... Love!!!

Monday, December 31, 2012


I came across this statement some time ago and thought to put it here, lest I forget!.. Haha..

I'm actually not even sure if the word "grammar" can be used  in this context but I'm no expert linguist so I'm using the term "grammar" in a broad range. If words like "pronoun", "verb", "adjectives", "propositions", "adverbs" and whatnots are thrown in my face, I think my eyes will just glaze over and my mind will travel to my happy place.

Truth be told.. My command of the language is slowly seeping away from me as I age.. I wonder why that is...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not From England

Jimmy and I went for a day out in the centrum today for some shopping and walking around. We were just walking in one of the stores, a departmental store called V&D, when we stopped to browse through some sweaters on a rack.

We didn't notice but there was a lady about 2 feet behind us and I suppose we stopped too abruptly and got in her way. We only realized when she heaved a loud sigh and shoved right past us!

Jimmy was pretty miffed and called out after her, "An 'excuse me' would be nice!". Then she turned around and retorted:

*brace yourself for this*


"I Am Not From England!"


Huh?!? Whaaaaa...??? Okay... It's just that I never knew that common courtesy was indigenous to England. I always just assumed that civility was practiced in all cultures. Hmmm... I've met a lot of wonderfully well-mannered and polite Dutch, so I'm don't really know where that lady was coming from...

I am not one who is easily rendered speechless but this one really did a good job of temporarily dumbing me. It took a couple of seconds before the statement really sank in and for me to come up with a few snarky remarks. I didn't manage to use any of them though, because Jimmy was ready to get into it further and I just told him "Don't stoop to that level" and he reluctantly let it go.

It's interesting how complex human nature is... Although unpleasant, it was definitely an eye-opening experience.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Now, shoes...

... that is something that's very close to my heart.

Just because I haven't posted anything about shoes in a while, doesn't mean that I haven't bought shoes in a while (that'd be the day! haha), it's just that I haven't been compelled to blog about any... until today! Because I cannot contain my exuberance!! Haha... I know if I don't post this today, I won't do it ever...

I have been trying on this pair of peep-toe wedges since some time last year but I never got around to buying it because it costs a whooping EUR74.90 and I'm not willing to part that amount with a pair of sandals that I can wear only in spring-summer and is NOT made of leather. That amount for a pair of boots or leather heels is ok, but for a pair of sandals... hmmm... I'll need to think at least twice before really buying it.

Capri Espadrilles

 Now tell me, is this not one of the most beautiful pair of wedges that you have ever seen??? It was love at first sight for me *hearts*... I love wedges, I love black and I love peep-toes... I kinda just love, love, love, LOVE SHOES!!

Even the box is pretty *swoons* Love the rich green interior of the box. It has a magnetic closing clasp too.. Nice!

 What a great pair to build up my my birthday next week.. Hehe.. I was in the store again today, trying it on again, for the umpteenth time, and I called Jim at work and asked "Should I?", keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. He just said three words, three words so wonderful, that there's just no other description for it. He said, "Just do it!"!!

That REALLY made my day :)

Since I am writing about shoes, I'm gonna post some photos of other pairs of shoes that I bought in the past year, just for memory's sake.

For the warmer days of spring where the temperature went crazy and rose to the late 20's, I had the Birkenstock Gizeh in blue accompanying me. It made its debut when Jim and I went to the beach and biking in Terschelling. I didn't plan on buying this because I got the exact same pair in lavender last year and I left it at home in Malaysia, but it just got too warm and I didn't feel like trudging around town in a pair of covered shoes.

The Gizeh in Silver-Blue Leather
Gizeh and the Terschelling Skyline

And in winter, apart from the hardy full-leather practical boots that everyone depends on, I bought this pair of ankle boots in grey-brown.

Cynthia Lu Ankle Boots

 I ordered the pair off the internet and was really keeping my fingers crossed that it looked as good as it does on the website... My heart was thumping after the package arrived and I was opening it. Needless to say, it did not disappoint! It's surprisingly comfortable for a heel that high... I didn't take any up-close photos because I still have some muddy residue on the heels, and I'm hoping that you can't see it... As you can see from the photo, I 'strategically' covered the heel of the boot on the left so that the dirty heel wouldn't show.. Hehe..

And now, I must log off... I need to strut around the house in my spanking new espadrilles ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Checking In

I can totally relate to that!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Miss Saigon in the Netherlands

It's here!

Well, it's been here since September last year but I've been out of touch with my blog then, so I'm making up for lost time here. When I found out that it was showing here, I was over-the-moon, love drunk, delirious!  I'm so out of touch with the local news here that it was sheer luck that I saw the ad on one of the panel ad spaces at the bus stop.

The first thing I did was to look it up online the minute I got home on It is showing at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, which is okay for me since it's only about a 2 hour drive, and besides, Jimmy and I could always spend the night there and take the next day to check out the surroundings. The ticket prices were also fairly reasonable at about EUR40 - EUR95 per person, depending on the seats. I was really getting worked up about seeing it, so I went online to do more research.
Screenshot on
Then I found out that apparently, this was the debut of the Dutch version of my favourite musical. So everything, and I mean, everything, is in Dutch. That stopped me in my tracks a little bit...

I pondered and pondered and I didn't know if I should go. Yes, I don't mind the Dutch language and I probably know the entire musical by heart, but still... I've wanted to see the stage performance for this musical since forever and it felt that if I went ahead and watched the Dutch version of it, I would be settling. Sort of.

I wouldn't mind seeing any other stage musicals in Dutch because I think it'll be a really good experience but I really cannot bring myself to see this particular one, my first and favourite one, in a language that is foreign to me. I know that if it's a stage performance of any other musical, like Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat or even Starlight Express, I would have clicked on "Betaal Nu" in a heartbeat. 

Is that silly of me?

My old worn copy :)

It's just that I remember so clearly how I felt when I heard this musical back in the old days. The music playing on the bulky stereo, lying on the bed reading the CD inlet.

I felt the stirrings of something magical listening to Sun and Moon
Tapped my feet and bopped my head to the beat of The Heat Is On In Saigon 
Fell in love to Last Night of the World 
Felt torn but hopeful when I heard Please
Chuckled to the Engineer singing What A Waste 
Felt a chill run down my spine when John told Chris about Kim and her son in The Revelation
And I wanted to poke the eyes out of Ellen in I Still Believe and Her Or Me

(*note: in the local representation of this musical, in place of Her Or Me, Ellen will be singing Maybe or "Toch Nog" in Dutch, a new song written by Claude-Michel Schonberg, Richard Maltby Jr. and Alain Boublil)

The inspiration behind the beautifully heartbreaking Miss Saigon

I dug out my old CD and have been listening to it again in the recent days. And it has made me more certain that I want to wait it out until the original version comes about. Because if you ask me what my first love is, I think this is it.
Although, I have to admit that I am more than a little curious about how the Dutch version of Please is going to sound like.. heh heh *winks*

I've done a post on Miss Saigon the Musical many years ago on this same blog, and here's the link, if anyone is interested:

Saturday, May 05, 2012


That is so, so true :)

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Dutch 'Huisart' System

'Huisart' in Dutch refers to a GP.. Or sometimes, we know them as family doctors. Generally, the group of medical practitioners that you go to when you have health issues, big or small. If it's a big issue, then your 'huisart' will refer you to the hospital for treatment. And these 'huisart's, they only see you if you are subscribed to insurance, so that would indicate that there's a proper system for it.

Medisch Centrum Zwaaij - Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

In Malaysia, when I was feeling under the weather and needed medication, I would drive to the trusty Mediviron Clinic in Paramount PJ. I would show the nurse on duty my medical card (I was insured by my employer so I need not pay) and wait in line to see the doctor on duty. Sure, there were issues when it came to Mediviron Clinic. The line is never ending and I always catch the nurses slipping 'paying' guests in front of me. However quirky the issue was when I visited my GP in Malaysia, it cannot compare to what I've come to experience here in Netherlands.

Jimmy came home from work in a bad state on Thursday evening. I believe he went through some work aggravation, but I digress.. Anyways, he spent all night coughing and keeping us both awake. We got concerned because he has been coughing since 6 weeks ago when he came back from our vacation in Malaysia.

So on Friday morning, he called in sick to work and called to make an appointment with a GP near to where we are staying - the Westerman Huisart. The administrative personnel told him that he has to go back to the huisart that he has been seeing previously, the Boscha Huisart, but Jimmy explained to the administrative personnel/receptionist that he has been trying to make an appointment with Boscha Huisart but keeps getting rejected for because, according to the Boscha Huisart Receptionist, his coughing is not serious enough to warrant an appointment, and he should instead drink more water, sleep more and try some over-the-counter medication. He further explained to the Westerman Huisart Receptionist that he has tried all that and after so many weeks his coughing still persists, but still they denied him appointment with the doctor and he is getting a bit freaked because all the coughing is giving him sleepless nights and he is getting blood in his spit.

The Westerman Huisart Receptionist then told him that it is a lot of work that he is asking to see another GP(wtf?!) but finally relented and gave him an appointment at 2:20pm. So we headed over at 2:10pm but we could not find the location of the Huisart. The GPS brought us to a few different locations in Cambuur but we still could not for the life of us, find the clinic! We tried calling the receptionist again to clarify but got a voice recording saying that it's past working hours.

Then Jimmy went to the Boscha Huisart building to inquire about the Westerman Huisart and found out both practices are sharing the same building, together with about 6 other practices! So we hurried to the Westerman Huisart Reception and explained to her the situation and apologized for our tardiness. The Westerman Receptionist told us that she made an appointment for Jimmy with Boscha Huisart because it would be better that he has a medical record in the same practice. We thanked her and went back to the 1st Floor of the same building to see the Boscha Huisart. The Boscha Huisart receptionist told Jimmy that he does not have an appointment in her records and the doctor is fully booked. She told him to go back to the 2nd Floor to see the Westerman Huisart since he has made an appointment there. So, Jimmy, with his temper mounting, went back up to 2nd Floor to speak to the Westerman Huisart Receptionist again and this time, the receptionist just casually told him that she is busy, it is past his appointment time and he should make another appointment via phone for another day! (mind you, she was reading a book when he approached her)

Woohoo!! Talk about being kicked around like a ball!!! A sick coughing ball at that!

Naturally, my dear husband erupted like a volcano and told the Westerman Receptionist off, aggravating his already aggravated cough. He stormed to the Boscha Huisart Receptionist and told her what happened and she simply told him that the doctor's occupied and she'll have make him an appointment for Monday morning.

If this was a life and death situation, I think the ghost of my dear husband would be tormenting the Westerman Huisart Receptionist as I write this.

But on a serious note, why do the GP's take the health issues of the residents of Netherlands so lightly? I mean, this is a beautifully developed country but the house doctor system is skewed towards Primitive! (please note my emphasis on the P)
I know that the hospitals here have excellent service record but just because it is not what they deem is an emergency, that does not mean that it should be dismissed with the wave of a hand.
It is at times like this, I wish for the Mediviron Clinic.. At least it would be a fruitful wait and the doctor-on-duty would be able to give us peace of mind and tell us straight off whether he has a throat infection and what we can do to make it better.

I heard from Jimmy that his colleague's father has been diagnosed with 4th stage cancer because it was detected late. Apparently he has been to see the Huisarts so many times to treat the symptoms and they keep playing it down and telling him that it's not an emergency and that it will go away. Now, he been told he's only got 3 months left and it is too late for treatment...
It is just so easy to dismiss a person when that person is of no importance to you, but I guess it has never occurred to these Huisarts that these people have families too, and they mean the world to someone else out there...

Update (8th May 2012) : Jimmy's finally seen the doctor at the Boscha Huisart group yesterday and the doctor's confirmed that he indeed, has an inflamed and infected throat, that has been making him feverish, and has been given a strong dose of antibiotics to curb and ease the inflammation. Jeeez...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Travelogue : Koninginnedag Weekend in Düsseldorf

Jimmy and I were made travel plans to visit Düsseldorf in Germany over the 3-day weekend of the Dutch Koninginnedag (30th April). I did some reading online and found out that Düsseldorf is a bustling metropolis of sights, art, culture, and most important of all (for me), fashion and shopping!

We packed our overnight bags and started on our 3 hour journey by car at a little after noon. We arrived at our hotel, the Van der Walk Airporthotel Düsseldorf, at about 4pm and freshened up a little before heading into the Düsseldorf city center.

The Hotel at Night

The modern but cozy hotel lobby
The first thing we see when we stepped out of from elevator on the 14th floor!

Yes, I know that the hotel is out of the city center and it's about 15 minutes by car but we wanted a quiet getaway and that is not going to be possible along the honking dusty streets. 

We walked around the Düsseldorf-Carlstadt area, lost in the busy crowd, checking out the shops, the cafes, the beautifully dressed people and the amazing cars. We stopped for a quick dinner at Maredo's Steakhouse along Königsallee (the famed fashion and shopping district).

My Steak
Jim's Salmon & Prawns
Our Shared Dessert

We wanted to have authentic German food but we were half starved and Maredo was just right there in front of us, so it was the most convenient choice. We had a crazy time trying to talk to the waiter who could only speak in German but we successfully managed to order an all-chocolate dessert! Haha..
And after dinner, we went on foot all the way to the the Altstadt (Old Town) for the quiet lanes and cobblestones and saw old houses still resplendent in their old glamour. Then it's off to the  Rheinuferpromenade to feel the breeze of the Rhein River and to check out the brightly lit pubs and eateries. We melted into the crowds of people sitting by the Rhine embankment promenade, with a drink in hand, gazing off idly into nothingness. 

After walking so much for a day, we went back to the car to make our way back to the hotel for an early night.

On Sunday, we had breakfast in the hotel and headed out into the city center to visit the Rheinturm (Rhine Tower), only to get stuck in a horrible jam! The roads leading into the city center were closed for a local marathon. We did not want waste any more time stuck in the traffic so we went instead to see the Benrath Palace & Park.

Schloss Benrath

Photo of Us with Schloss Benrath as Background
More shots of the Palace, its lavish gardens and the surrounding park...

Tired from all the walking, the compound around the Palace was enormous!, we stopped by the Schlosscafe Benrath that was located right at the entrance of the Palace for some refreshments.

The cafe was done up a matching concept to the palace and had an exquisite, quiet elegance interior to match. There was a patio overlooking the canal surrounding the castle for those who want to bask in the sunlight. The drinks were lovely and the menu was unique.

All that however, was spoilt by crappy customer service. I was at the cafe's website and boasted of a "friendly competent staff". Right. I guess the place was understaffed and when we asked to pay the bill, the waiter told us to sit back down at our tables and WAIT until they are free to come. What peeved us off was him adding a racial slur to his comment.

That aside, after finally paying (Jeez.. It's like we have to bend over backwards just to pay!) we drove back into the city center (the roads have been reopened) and headed off to see the Rheinturm.

The Rheinturm against the Night Sky

The Dancing Towers of Düsseldorf Harbour from the Rhine Promenade

The Theodor Heuss Bridge Over the Rhine River

We paid the entrance fee to go up about 170 meters onto an observation deck to see the 360 view of Düsseldorf. There's also a revolving restaurant in the same tower but we did not plan to have dinner there cause we really wanted authentic local food.

We went to the Brauerei Schumacher, on Oststrasse  for dinner and it was truly, truly an authentic, German experience! They've been around since 1838 and they brewed their own beer, the Schumacher Alt. Loved the cozy ambience, the food and the price. A definite must-go if we ever go back to Düsseldorf again.

The Best Pork Knuckle Ever!

 And on the way back to the hotel, I saw this little shop from the corner of my eye, beckoning to me. So I asked Jimmy if we could stop and have a look and lo-and-behold!!

Bubble Tea!! And it's like none I've ever tasted before. Like the typical bubble tea, you get to choose the type of tea (red or green), to opt or milk or not, and if you would like to add flavour to the tea.. But instead of just having the typical black tapioca pearls, this place had different types of pearls that you can opt for. Flavoured bubbles! They have it in passion fruit, yoghurt, strawberry, lychee and mango. I was curious as to how it would taste like so I requested for some 'lychee pearls' on top the typical black tapioca pearls. The 'lychee pearls' were lychee syrup encapsulated in a thin membrane-like fibre that bursts in your mouth. And it was very refreshing because the tea was sugar-free.. First time I ever tasted something like that and I thought it was pretty cool. Been finding good bubble tea shops in Germany :)

After that, Jimmy and I just headed back to the hotel for some spa time... The hotel had a good spa area complete with a steam room, a sauna room and a solarium. There were also lounge chairs in the spa room complete with foot wash basins. And even our room came complete with a jacuzzi.

There's nothing better than settling down and enjoying the sunset and each others company. Leaving the everyday stress and issues melt away. Watching the beauty of God's creation makes our everyday troubles seem so insignificant :)


After a restful night, we were all geared up for a full day of shopping ahead before heading back to Netherlands on Monday. We checked out at about 10am and headed into the city center for some shopping time...

We basically just window shopped and visited the main centers like the Sevens, Schadow Arkaden and The Kö-Galerie. And we just walked along Königsallee (affectionately referred to as "The Kö") and people watched.  


I didn't want to buy anything because as you all know, I'm saving up for a special trip ;) Hee Hee... But I saw this bag once on the Longchamp Spring-Summer Collection Ads and fell hook-line-sinker!

Le Pliage Cuir

It's beautiful isn't it?? It's made from soft goat-lamb leather and it's simple yet versatile. I have loads from the typical Le Pliage line but this one and Planètes takes the cake. I was aiming to get either a red or a pink one but the lady in the store said it was out of stock in most of Europe and what I could do was to make an order online and wait for the next batch. She only had the big one available in orange and I didn't like that one at all! I was a bit relieved as well because it cost a little over EUR300 and I wasn't ready to part with the cash so it was kind of a mixture of relief and disappointment.

The Jimmy said I should choose another one to make Düsseldorf even more memorable and I was looking in the shop and through the catalogue with the sales lady, and she was a lovely person! So patient with me, showing me stuff from storage as a lot of these bags were not on display. And I was just looking for something small, like maybe a purse or a wristlet.

And then, Jimmy found THE bag.

The Deltaligne Tote

The tote was hiding on the display shelf behind two other bags and it was MAGNIFICENT! It was also waaay above my initial budget and I was reluctant to part with my cash. Yes, moving to Europe has made me frugal (not to mention stingy! haha..) And Jimmy was selling the bag to me like he was on commission! Gah!!  So in the end, I bought it and walked on cloud nine for the next few days.

In total, we spent over one and a half hours in that store and we had to start on our journey home because it was getting late. And that's how our Düsseldorf trip ended... On cloud nine :)